Keep It Local

While small businesses generate new jobs, they are also beneficial to the fabric of the community. Here’s how small businesses make a profound local impact: Community Identity Each neighbourhood has its own unique sense of character and small businesses contribute to creating the community’s identity. Many municipalities and tourism boards have prioritized in preserving the […]

Varietals & Cultivars

A Wealth of Subtleties: A Cupful of Cultivars Of the two commercially viable coffee species, Coffea Arabica is responsible for nearly 80% of the world consumption of coffee, with Typica and Bourbon constituting its main varietals. It’s relative Coffea robusta , contains twice as much caffeine, making it very bitter. However, good quality robusta beans […]

Guatemala Coffee

Guatemala coffee

Bona Fide Bean Coffee Co. is honoured to announce the addition of coffee from Santa Rosa Buenos Aires, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This Cup of Excellence lot is a Typica single varietal and is an exclusive offering purchased directly from the Alfaro family. Today the farm is run by Gustavo Alfaro. Although Gustavo is a fourth generation […]

Bees and Caffeine

Some plant species produce caffeine, a bitter alkaloid, as a chemical defence mechanism and natural pesticide to deter pests and predators. Citrus plants, such as lemons and grapefruit, as well as, coffee Arabica plants secrete caffeine in the nectar of their flowers – amounts similar to a cup of coffee. However, at low threshold levels, […]