Our coffee is to be enjoyed as it is made – thoughtfully.

In 2015, Anna M Porretta left her successful career as a registered dietitian to explore her curiosity with coffee. The impetus for her decision was based on the belief that gracious hospitality and exceptional coffee can forge strong relationships along the coffee continuum.

Bona Fide Coffee Co. is a hands-on, quality-focused coffee roaster out of Vaughan, Ontario. Our philosophy is simple, we roast for good. Our approach to sourcing, roasting and cupping coffee allows us the platform to harness the best features of the coffee and showcase the coffee producers.

We believe every coffee has a story and a personality, so we aim to source our beans with traceability and transparency. We concentrate our efforts on mastering and executing the craft of roasting. Our pursuit for the perfect cup culminates into an elaborate cycle of delicate roast adjustments, followed by intensive cupping sessions to capture the coffee’s full potential and innate characteristics.

At Bona Fide Coffee Co., we position coffee as the change agent to creating community. We welcome the opportunity to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with customers, importers and coffee producers. We treat all of our working relationships as a partnership to improve coffee quality across the value chain.

Bona Fide Coffee Co. is committed to share delicious coffee with you – without compromise. Find your new favourite coffee now!

About Anna M Porretta, Founder of Bona Fide Coffee Co.

Anna M Porretta was born and raised in Toronto. She studied food and nutrition, completing an undergraduate degree at Ryerson University. Anna went on to attain a Masters of Health Science in Community Nutrition at the University of Toronto and is Registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. From university, Anna spent thirteen years working in the area of population health, chronic disease prevention and food security.

Then, Anna decided to leave it all behind to pursue a career in specialty coffee. Anna completed a coffee roasting course at Coffee Lab International in Vermont where she learned the fundamentals to roasting coffee from various coffee growing regions. In 2012, Anna completed the Q Arabica combination training and exam course in Montreal at Coopérative de Solidarité du Café Equitable. Anna is a Licensed Q Arabica Grader conferred by the Coffee Quality Institute.

Anna’s entire philosophy and modus operandi to specialty coffee is based on sustainability – coffee that is produced with attention to environmental stewardship, equitable prices to small-scale producers and social development.